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Who is Antônio Vicente de Souza e Silva

Mr. Souza e Silva is an engineer, with a BS degree, with honor in Mathematics, from the prestigious Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (Aeronautics Technology Institute) – ITA, in Brasil, in 1961.
After graduation he went to work for a Steel Mill plant where he came to know a group of engineers from the USA company, Westinghouse Electric Corp, that were in charge of the tests and start-up of newly acquired electric and electronic equipment.

Detecting that Mr. Silva had the potential to do advanced engineering work, he was invited to join Westinghouse, at its Buffalo-USA plant.

He was hired as a Junior Design Engineer, and in parallel, initiated graduate work at the local State University (SUNY).

Three yeas latter he had been promoted to Senior Design Engineer and had obtained a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, with the highest grades until then recorded (straight “A” in all subjects).

At Westinghouse, he was appointed to work with the group responsible for the development and design of advanced automatic control equipment for industrial applications.

In this position Mr. Souza e Silva worked for the next seven years. During this period he registered eleven patents, and was responsible for the design and tests of a variety of equipment for the control of automated processes.

In 1970 Mr. Silva decided to return to Brazil where, with two partners, he founded a company whose main objective was to design and manufacture automatic control systems for local customers. After some time, they also entered the field of electric powered vehicles. Eventually they were awarded with a contract to furnish a great number of electric buses (Trolleybuses) for the city of São Paulo.

In record time they developed and supplied, in partnership with two body manufacturers, more than 400 Trolleybuses and Hibrid (diesel electric) buses, some of them still in normal operation today.

A few years latter their company was acquired by a large defense conglomerate that had the intention to actuate in selected civilian markets.

With the change of hands, the initial scope of their company was also changed.

After that, Mr. Souza e Silva started his own company, still active today, to do consulting work in the areas of electric propulsion and industrial automation.

His professional trajectory is here presented to make the point that Mr. Silva experience is mainly in applied development and engineering.

However his deep interest for the basic laws and theoretical foundations of physics, specially electrodynamics, was ever present. In the past this had led him to create a number of techniques very useful to analyse the “Stability x Instability” of feedback control systems.

Recently, as related in the Foreword of this text, he devised an alternative treatment of classical Electrodynamics, quite unrelated to Maxwell’s equations, that seems simpler although conducting to basically the same numerical results.

When he applied the same ideas to Gravitation he arrived at some surprising and unexpected results showing that the two subjects could be treated in a very similar way greatly simplifying the understanding of both and bringing to light some unsuspected correlations.

Encouraged by technical readers to publish these results the present book took form.